Two college students living on the same Ohio campus delayed their first date for three years-and-captivated the internet.

FOX's Krysitn Goodwin has the details on their very first meeting:

Kent State University students Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas swiped right on dating app Tinder three years ago and have been messaging occasionally ever since.

Their 21st century-courtship went viral when Josh shared screen shots of the tongue and cheek exchanges, tweeting "one day I'm going to meet this girl." After years of procrastinating-they met face to face on ABC's 'Good Morning America' Tuesday... They hugged and blushed.

When Josh said his sister met her fiance on Tinder, Michelle replied:

(Arendas) "No pressure, nope, that's totally fine."

Tinder is sending the two on a romantic getaway to the Hawaiian island of Maui.

I'm Krystin Goodwin, FOX News.

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