Another chapter in the saga of the dog at the center of a controversial pardon.

FOX's Lilian Woo reports:

Dakota, the husky from Maine who was ordered to be put to death, has had her life spared in a deal approved Monday.

Among terms of the agreement the four-year-old dog will be banned permanently from the city where she killed a neighbor's dog and then months later attacked his new dog. She'll also have to undergo training with a certified behavior expert.

The resolution means two pending appeals before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court have been dropped, also that the question of whether the governor has the legal authority to pardon a condemned dog, will go unanswered.  Something governor Lepage doesn't sound like he's satisfied with, he's told a Bangor radio station that he will be filing a second pardon for the dog.

Lilian Woo, FOX News.

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