Kid Rock has confirmed that he will run for Senate in Michigan. And while many in the mainstream media may be snickering, Tom Shillue says that the singer would have his vote.

President Trumpís victory in the 2016 Election has inspired other celebrities to consider a run for public office. Kid Rock is the latest one to throw his hat into the political ring. During The Tom Shillue Show on Thursday, Tom discussed the rise of celebrities in politics.

Tom talked about how people laughed at Ronald Reagan when he decided to run for president in 1980, even though he had already been the Governor of California. Because he was a former actor, no one really took him seriously. However, Reagan went on to be a two-term president. A decade after Reagan left office, professional wrestler Jesse Ventura ran for Governor in Minnesota, and won.

Tom does not think the power of celebrity is bad. People have lost respect for politicians over the years, which is why celebrities have had success running for office. As long as their politics and ideas align with his, Tom has no problem voting for a celebrity. There are certain famous people that he would not vote for, such as James Taylor.

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