Tour Company that Warmbier Used No Longer Taking American Citizens to NOKO

    (AP Photo/Kim Kwang Hyon, File)

    The tour company that Otto Warmbier used for a trip to North Korea will no longer take American citizens to the reclusive nation.

    FOX’s Steve Rappoport has the story:

    One day after Warmbier died in a Cincinnati hospital, young pioneer tours announced the change on its website, saying the risk for Americans visiting North Korea has become too high.

    The 22-year-old college student was detained in January of last year, accused of trying to steal a propaganda sign from a hotel and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor.

    Warmbier’s father accused young pioneer tours of luring his son to the north and said the China-based company promised its customers were never detained.

    The tour company still touts North Korea as one of the safest places on earth to visit, provided travelers obey the laws.

    Steve Rappoport, FOX News.

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