Michael Malice: North Korea has a culture that makes it Ok To Kill Its Own Citizens

Michael Malice Author of Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jung Il joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss our options with North Korea after the untimely death of college student Otto Warmbier. “I don’t believe Otto Warmbier ever served a day of hard labor, in fact, I think that was a lie, make no mistake he was a hostage,” said Malice “It’s easy to dismiss them and say they are crazy, but they’ve been around for 70 years. So if they are crazy, they are crazy like a Fox”. Mr. Malice went on to say that it would be absolutely impossible to have a military operation without mass catastrophe. “They will for sure go down fighting and for sure use nukes as their mantra is “If we are going to lose we are going to take our enemy with us.”

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