NRA's annual meetings have begun in Atlanta & you may want to be careful with a toy gun in Atlantic City, NJ.

FOX's Eben Brown has your 'FOX Bullet Points':

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Don't run around with toy guns in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Police in that town confiscated more than 60 toys from a store on the city's famed boardwalk, saying they looked too real, despite having those bright orange plastic tips. The officers said those tips are too easily removable and the toys could be mistaken for real guns.

It's time for the NRA annual meeting. It' starts today in Atlanta. Are you going?

(Man) "Just the camaraderie. A chance to see all the manufactures and the firearms."

He's on a video from last year posted at the NRA's website. They're expecting 80,000 attendees. Hank Williams Jr. will perform Saturday night. President Trump addresses the NRA's political arm at a special event on Friday afternoon. His special advisor, Kellyanne Conway, addresses the NRA's women's leadership forum.

And we'll be there, too! And those are your Bullet Points!

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