Fox's Ashley Dvorkin catches up with TV's new 'King Arthur', actor Charlie Hunnam, in this 'Fox News Celebrity Profile':

I'm Ashley Dvorkin with your FOX Celebrity Profile.

Actor Charlie Hunnam leads the way in Guy Ritchie's new medieval epic 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' and while he did have to hone his sword-fighting skills, he learned working with Guy:

(Hunnam) "He got me into Brazilian jiu-jitsu which has fast become one of the great loves of my life."

As for what he's seeking out in projects going forward, Hunnam has a lot in the works and not just on camera!:

(Hunnam) "Tell stories that really interest me whether you know themes that I want to explore or specific characters historical characters that I'm interested in or contemporary characters, I mean I have five projects as a producer in development. Three of them that I set up at studios, and two that I want to do independently. And they're all based on ordinary men that are called to do extraordinary things and that seems to be a narrative that I'm drawn to over and over again. I mean it's the central narrative of King Arthur, that seems to be the story that I want to tell over and over again."

Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.

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