Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), Member of the House Freedom Caucus and the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee spoke with Brian Kilmeade about why he agrees with the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Rep. Jordan goes on to tell Brian what this means for the continuing investigation into Russian interference and why he feels the democrats sudden outrage over the firing is hypocritical. Jordan even went as far as to suggest a very interesting candidate to replace the former FBI director.

Listen here to Congressman Jim Jordan explain why it would be crazy for people not to have lost confidence in the FBI.

Congressman Jordan on why James Comey has caused people to lose confidence in the FBI

(JORDAN) What we do know is three days before the subject of the investigation is interviewed by the FBI the subject of investigation's husband meets with the attorney general. We know that happened last July, right? We know that the only time this has ever happened with the attorney general says I'm not going to be the ultimate decision maker in I'm going to farm that duty out to James Comey and he goes out and does this press conference in July says we're not going to prosecute. We know that James Comey didn't convene a grand jury which everyone else said should have happened. I still remember the moment Brian the FBI comes over and they show us the immunity agreements they gave, we had no idea who they gave them to. I open up the folder I look down and see Cheryl Mills got an immunity deal? All those things happen and you wonder have people lost confidence in the way the FBI conducted that investigation? Of course, you have to be crazy not to have lost confidence.

Listen here to Congressman Jordan on who he would choose as the next FBI director:

Congressman Jordan says Trey Gowdy would be a great FBI Director

(Kilmeade) And lastly would you be for Trey Gowdy becoming the new FBI director?

(JORDAN) That's funny we talked about someone's probably going to tweet that out yesterday. I'm for, Trey is a good friend, he'll be great at whatever line of work he is in I think he'd be great at that job but I don't know that that's something that he wants to pursue but if he did I think he would be great at it.

Listen here for the full interview with Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan: