Gloria Gaynor is set to release new music.

FOX's Ashley Dvorkin has the scoop in this 'FOX Celebrity Profile':

Gloria Gaynor's working on a new Gospel album as her iconic tune 'I Will Survive' received a big honor:

(Gaynor) "'I Will Survive' was inducted into the Library of Congress, the music registry in 2016. And subsequently, they've decided to do I think, it's a month of tribute to Disco music and they're ending that with my concert at the Library of Congress."

She's very happy the genre is being recognized overall:

(Gaynor) "Disco music is the first music in the history of music, ever to bring together people from every nationality, race, creed, color and age group."

As for that inspirational anthem:

(Gaynor) "The fact that my mother had passed away just a few years before, I was in a back brace because I had spine surgery. I was relating those things and I thought people are going to relate everything that they're having difficulty getting through to this song. You know, well, time has proven me right."

Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.

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