A college professor may have discovered a vaccine that could take some of the stress out of the teenage years.

FOX’s Alex Hein has the details:

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Like music to a suffering teenager’s ears, a U.C. San Diego professor said he’s got an idea for a vaccine that could signal the end of dreaded acne.

Eric Huang, who once worked on a biodefense vaccine to fight anthrax, told news outlets that a six-year study has the potential to lead to a vaccine that targets the bacteria behind acne.

He told reporters that there’s two types of vaccines in the works, one is preventative and one is therapeutic. The target patient, he said, is pre-adolescent kids.

However, large-scale clinical trials involving humans are likely a year or two away, as the vaccines have only been tested on mice and small samples of human skin biopsies.

Still, news of the potential landmark vaccine is enough to get the interwebs chatting, with many commenters wishing they had it during their high school days.

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