A heartfelt thank you to a football player sending positive vibes across social media.

FOX's Krystin Goodwin has the details:

Atlanta Falcons' wide receiver Mohamed Sanu was on an airplane recently. A family with a 10-year-old son was sitting close by and recognized him.

After the flight, the parents gave the athlete a letter. It reads in part :

"You don't know us but we wanted to thank you. Our son sat behind you on this flight and watched you. He saw you studying your plays, watched you make healthy choices with your snacks, food and drink. He watched how polite you were to everyone. You are an inspiration to children and for that you should be proud! Thank you and best of luck! The family that sat behind you!"

Sanu shared a photo of the note on Twitter, captioning "This definitely put a smile on my face."

The NFL player gaining praise as a positive in flight role model.

I'm Krystin Goodwin, FOX News.

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