Spots on the Face People Miss When Applying Suntan Lotion

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Though the face is the most common place for skin cancer to appear, on average we miss about 10 percent of it when applying sunscreen.

University of Liverpool researchers asked 57 participants to apply sunscreen to their face with no further instructions or details on how to do it. Photos were taken of each person’s face with a UV-sensitive camera before and after the application. The areas covered with sunscreen appeared black due to the camera.

On average, people missed about 9.5 percent of their whole face, most commonly skipping the eye lids and areas between the inner corner of the eye and bridge of the nose.

On a second go round, researchers asked them to do it again after telling them specifically about skin cancers of the eyelid region. This time, there was a slight improvement, with users missing just about 7.7 percent of their face.

Researchers said sunglasses will help protect these crucial areas if you can’t remember to.

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