U.S. Reaches Historic Low for Births – CDC

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The number of women giving birth in the U.S. has hit a historic low, causing some experts to warn about a potential national emergency.

There is good news from this stat as the number of teen births in the country continued to fall. However, the number also decreased for women in their twenties, and while the number increased for women in their thirties and forties, it was not enough to prevent an overall decline.

The low, which was tacked at one percent lower to the number of births recorded last year, may not seem significant now, but experts cautioned that if the rate continues to drop we could see economic and even cultural turmoil.

The data, which was released by the CDC, also showed that the U.S. had higher fertility rates compared to other developed countries, and still more birth compared to deaths. While some sounded alarm, others said to watch for new trends as the economy shifts upward again.

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