Tennessee is making a pitch to de-criminalize suppressors and Oregon lawmakers are considering a bill on confiscating firearms.

FOX's Eben Brown has 'FOX Bullet Points':

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Tennessee's state legislature is moving toward the de-criminalizing of suppressors. A proposed law cleared the state Senate and could soon be passed in the state's House of Representatives. It's called the Tennessee 'Hearing Protection Act' and would remove suppressors from a list of banned fire arms in the state.

Tennessee is one of nine states that currently ban suppressors, but a growing movement is convincing lawmakers the devices help preserve people's ears.

Oregon's lawmakers are now considering a bill that would give the state more power to confiscate firearms, or prevent certain persons from obtaining them. State Senator Brian Boquist is a Republican, and the sponsor of the bill. His own son, a Navy veteran, used a gun to take his own life, sadly. Senator Boquist's proposed law would enable family members to obtain court orders for at-risk relatives to turn in their firearms.

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