Chuck Berry lives on.

FOX's Laura Ingle has the details in this 'Bonus Track':

Chuck Berry will literally be the toast of the town he was born in this weekend as St. Louis, Missouri officials role out the red carpet of remembrance for a city-wide celebration of the iconic musicians life.

All of St. Louis is invited to join in and pay tribute to one of the great and influential pioneers of Rock and Roll music by raising a glass with a celebratory toast on Saturday ahead of Berry's public viewing and memorial the next day.

Glasses will be clinking at 10 pm April 9, including Blueberry Hill's Duck Room where Berry repeatedly played throughout his career.

A lot of people have been remembering Chuck Berry since news of his death broke. Many of fans buying his songs in record numbers, sending sales of his catalog through the roof. According to preliminary numbers from Nielsen, sales of Berry's best selling album titles have spiked over 9,000 percent.

I'm Laura Ingle, FOX News.

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