The most valuable influencer on social media.

FOX's Krystin Goodwin explains:

Who run the social media world? All hail Beyoncé.

D'Marie Analytics used over 50 different metrics analyzing the reach-and-engagement of influencer's on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

It found Queen Bey to be "the highest valued influencer currently on social media" with each of her posts worth more than $1 million of advertising value.

But it's not Beyoncé's massive following that has social media 'Crazy in Love'. It's the "limited release of exclusive, curated content", quality over quantity!

The company notes the singer has only posted seven times in the last month. But when the superstar announced she was pregnant with twins, it sparked more than half a million tweets within 45 minutes, that's 17,000 tweets a minute!

I'm Krystin Goodwin, FOX News.

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