A new study has found that certain countries could be affecting a baby’s temperament.

FOX’s Alex Hein has the details in the ‘Housecall for Health’:

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Forget the nursery rhymes, if you’ve got a fussy baby, maybe you should consider a move to Denmark. Researchers in the U.K. compiled the first universal charts for normal amounts of crying during a baby’s first three months. They discovered that newborns tend to cry more in Britain, Canada, Italy and the Netherlands than in other countries.

In Denmark, Germany and Japan, babies were the least fussy.

On average, the study found babies cry for about two hours per day in the first two weeks. They cry a little more in the following few weeks until they peak at around two hours and 15 minutes a day at six weeks.

Parents can expect some relief as they simmer down to about one hour and ten minutes of crying by the time they reach 12 weeks old.

They hope the chart will help health workers answer quell concerned parents fears about whether their baby is fussing to much.

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