Country artist Josh Turner gives us an inside look at some of his songs off his latest record 'Deep South'.

FOX's Ashley Dvorkin has more:

Josh Turner just released his sixth album 'Deep South'. The lead single 'Hometown Girl' is climbing the charts and he's already received a great reaction to that title track too, like the first time he played it in Canada:

(Turner) "They were all, you know, just loving it. And so it seems to have somewhat of a universal message, even though it's more specific to the South." 

He also went outside of his comfort zone for some tunes, including one called 'Hawaiian Girl', which he wrote in Hawaii:

(Turner) "I played it for a friend of ours that we had just met in Hawaii. Kind of wanted to run it by a native Hawaiian." 

There are a few songs that have fun stories behind them, another one is 'Beach Bums':

(Turner) "I wrote it in the middle of a cornfield in Indiana. I've joked with my crowds when I've played it in Indiana, that Indiana's known for its great beaches."

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Ashley Dvorkin, FOX News.

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