The so-called 'First Four' March Madness play-in games begin today, wrapping up tomorrow.

FOX's Chris Hoenig reports:

Every year since the play-in format started in 2011, one of the so-called 'First Four' has gone on to win at least one more game in the tournament. In fact, a 'First Four' team has made the Sweet 16 in three of the past six years.

More people are expected to fill out tournament brackets this week than voted for either President Trump or Hillary Clinton in November: 70-million plus, in all.

When you add up all those 10 and 20 dollar entry fees, we're talking about some $2 billion up for grabs to the winners.

Your office brackets likely are not due until Thursday, when the first round gets underway.

One fact that may help you pick your winner: In the past 13 years, Louisville's 2013 team is the only champ to not have blue as one of their team colors.

Chris Hoenig, FOX News.

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