California’s Gun Owner Battle – Texas Christian Continues to Roll in Air Rifle

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FOX’s Eben Brown has your latest edition of “FOX Bullet Points”:

I’m Eben Brown.

California officials have repealed their requirements of gun owners to provide photos of firearms, among other things, related to the state’s expansion of rules regarding so-called ‘assault weapons.’ The state backtracked following promises of legal action by Second Amendment groups.

Back East, in Connecticut, gun owners are crying foul over governor Daniel Malloy’s plan to close a billion-and-a-half dollar gap in the state budget by tripling fees for permit applications and renewals:

(Men) “We had the assault weapons ban a few years ago. Now, this. It’s like I’m being taxed for one of the hobbies I enjoy.”

Some claim it’s unfair to those with limited income who wish carry for self-defense.

NCAA once again ranks Texas Christian University number one in air rifle. The entirely female team just beat the University of Texas El Paso and now boasts a season record of (12-0).

And those are your Bullet Points! I’m Eben Brown, FOX News!

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