Super Bowl 51 is almost here. The anticipation continues to build.

FOX's Jared Max reports from Houston:

FOX on Football, I'm Jared Max at the Super Bowl in Houston.

Despite the fact that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is about to start his seventh Super Bowl, this routine has become anything but old hat:

(Brady) "When you play in a Super Bowl, it is once in a lifetime. You know, you can't take these things for granted."

But all that experience has allowed Brady to manage his time and responsibilities that lead up to this larger than life sporting event:

(Brady) "You know you win, you come off the high of winning the championship game and then you have a week off. And you kind of get revved up to come out here and then you have really two days off. And there's a lot of other obligations."

Unlike Tom Brady, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has never played in a Super Bowl, but he seems unfazed by the largeness of it all:

(Ryan) "I think other than probably these 45-50 minute long media sessions. Everything else has been really, really normal for us. The practice routine, our meetings."

Matt Ryan will try and lead the Falcons to their first Super Bowl title.

With FOX on Football, I'm Jared Max.

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