A simple thing like how you sleep can leave an impact on you and your partners relationship.

FOX's Ashley Papa has "FOX on Love":

There's nothing like crawling into bed after an exhausting day. But if your partner's bad sleep habits have you considering separate bedrooms, sleep expert, Doctor Robert Oexman, has some tips to help couples get a better night's sleep:

(Dr. Oexman) "You can actually use your own separate twin sized sheets, your own separate twin sized blankets. So not only do you solve problems of pulling on sheets and blankets but you can also stay thermo-neutral to what you would like."

Mouth guards can help with snoring and Oexman says a bigger bed can reduce co-partner disturbance:

(Dr. Oexman) "If you have a full size bed and move to a queen size bed that actually decreases co-partner disturbance without changing anything else. If you move from a queen size to a king size bed, co-partner disturbance goes down even more."

Oexman says don't use phones as an alarm clock:

(Dr. Oexman) "You can put a little vibrating buzzer underneath your pillow and it actually vibrates or buzz in order to wake one partner up and hopefully not disturb the other partner."

At the end of the day, it's better to treat sleep issues than retreat to separate bedrooms.

With FOX on Love, I'm Ashley Papa.

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