If you're looking for a way into Super Bowl 51, you have plenty of options on StubHub.

FOX's Jared Max reports from Houston:

You think Super Bowl tickets are expensive? Imagine the Dallas Cowboys had advanced to Sunday's game here in Houston: 

"When the Cowboys were eliminated prices dropped 30 percent in minutes."

Glenn Lehrman, spokesman for StubHub:

(Lehrman) "New England, which has been here what seven times in the last 17 years, I think fans have become a little weary of the travel."

Patriots fans are out-buying Falcons fans around 2-1 at StubHub, where Super Bowl 51 is experimental:

(Lehrman) "This is the first year we're ever going to allow sales into the game. So we're going to let people sell 90 minutes into the game."

And the cost of a ticket isn't even the biggest ticket item at Super Bowl 51:

(Lehrman) "$1500 for a Holiday Inn in Houston right now. So, if you're staying three or four nights, you're paying probably almost double of what you're paying for a Super Bowl ticket."

StubHub's Glenn Lehrman.

In Houston, I'm Jared Max, FOX News.

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