The older kids get the more stuff a family accumulates. But there are ways to keep clutter at bay.

FOX's Lisa Brady reports:

I often wish for a week home alone to organize my house! Not just the kids' toys; I have my own clutter, which is really procrastination:

(Kyriazis) "We decided not to put this item away. So therefore what we have is a group of things in different places that are not related to one another."

Professional organizer and author Cynthia Kyriazis says use what works for your family:

(Kyriazis) "For some people they're very visual and their style is they need it to be in a certain spot to see it."

So maybe baskets or bins for toys and sports equipment. Or a filing system for the paperwork, or homework, you don't want to see.

The key is to group like with like and if you take it out, put it back. An important lesson for your kids:

(Kyriazis) "Probably teach the habit of okay, it's the end of the day, let's start to put our things away."

Because it's about more than clutter:

(Kyriazis) "If I take the time to set up this system I'll have more time to do something else that I want to do, with my children, with my family, with my friends, instead of feeling that we're always behind the eight ball."

While your kids learn time management and organization life skills.

With FOX on Family, I'm Lisa Brady.


Cynthia Kyriazis is a certified professional behavioral consultant, founder of Productivity Partners, Inc. and author of 'Get Organized. Get Focused. Get Moving. How to Overcome Productivity Potholes.'