FOX's Jared Max is covering all angles of Super Bowl 51 in Houston that will take place on Sunday at NRG Stadium between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons.

New England quarterback Tom Brady is looking to win his fifth Super Bowl title.

Max asked Brady a question at the Patriots hotel on Thursday night:

(Max) "Tom, so much experience in the Super Bowl helps with preparation leading up to the game. In a game, let's say that's crunch time, fourth quarter, tight game, how much does the fact that you've been here so many times potentially help in this Super Bowl?"

(Brady) "Well, I mean there was a first time for all of us. You know being in this game or being in this situation. You know first time I was in it, we had a two minute situation, we went down and won the game, so. I think it comes down to how you play this week and not necessarily, you know, what happened, you know, many years ago. I think just relying on the two weeks of practice that we'll have had should be enough. And we got the whole season that we had to prepare for, you know, all these different moments and situations that have come up. You know whatever comes up this weekend; we'll have to be ready for."

(Martellus Bennett) "Hi Tom."

(Brady) "Marty."

(Brady) "So a lot of those things you try to prepare for over the course of the season, so we're ready for them when they come up."


(FOX's Jared Max)

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