“Groundhog Day the Musical” is coming to Broadway.

FOX’s Jane Metzler got a sneak peek on what else, Groundhog Day:

“Groundhog Day the Musical” is based on the 1993 movie that starred Bill Murray. Danny Rubin wrote the script and the book for the musical, his inspiration?:

(Rubin) “These ‘Arrested Development’ type guys, it’s like by the time they’re 60, they’re still acting like they are 18. Maybe they need more than one lifetime.”

So the guy relives Groundhog Day? Why?:

(Rubin) “Here’s a holiday that’s going to repeat every year. People will play this on television¬†like the ‘Charlie Brown Christmas Special’. And luckily that actually came to pass.”

Getting rave reviews when the show launched in London, Baltimore native Andy Karl. He plays Weatherman Phil Connors, ya know, the Bill Murray role?:

(Metzler) “No pressure there? Huh?”

(Karl) “I love that guy. He’s so funny. I actually thought I was completely wrong for the part.”

Sleeping through a photo op at Broadway’s August Wilson Theatre, Groundhog Staten Island Chuck, who did not see his shadow predicting an early Spring.

Critics predicting a hit when ‘Groundhog Day’ opens after six more weeks of rehearsal.

Jane Metzler, FOX News.

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