Everyone wants to make the most out of their retirement investments, but what is the best way to approach it.

FOX's Carole Zimmer reports: 

Baby boomers are starting to retire, but if you still have years left before you stop working, there is time for you to optimize your investments.

Scott Mann, an independent financial advisor based in Houston, says how much you should have invested in the stock market depends on how much risk you can tolerate:

(Mann) "If you can't stomach a 40 percent loss, because that's gonna require about an 80 percent gain just to get back to even, you need to take some chips off the table."

Markets can sell off as much as 40 percent and it's best to have a diversified portfolio. So what does that mean?:

(Mann) "You have to have different buckets. And most importantly, it has to be in a mix that you can stomach, so you can let it do its job and you don't get emotional. So we want to give people sleep equity if you follow me."

Mann also says you have to know what your projected time horizon will be before you retire.

I'm Carole Zimmer, FOX News.

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