Doctors in Colorado are using acupuncture to treat children.

FOX's Joy Piazza with your "Housecall for Health":

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It's an alternative therapy to help treat a child with severe eczema in Colorado. Emily Cadwell says her daughter Mckenna is being treated with acupuncture, stimulating specific points on the body with thin needles.

The 19-month old was:

(Cadwell) "Really, she was just miserable. Very itchy, her skin was very red and inflamed."

Acupunturist Peyton Dryden says the little girl has responded well:

(Dryden) "She`s cleared up quite a bit."

Dr. Paul Murray with the Whole Health Center in Denver says other common problems that acupuncture can help treat are colic and acid reflux:

(Dr. Murray) "With kids, they haven`t lived that long, so the condition is not that old. In Chinese medicine, the fresher the better."

The Gillette Children's Special in St. Paul Minnesota conducted a study analyzing nine children treated for various conditions between June 2014 and June 2015. They concluded some of the patients had a decrease in pain, while others had complete relief.

The FDA approved acupuncture needles for use by licensed practitioners in 1996.

With Housecall for Health, I'm Joy Piazza, FOX News.