Overcoming the Winter Blues

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    Do you have the winter blues? It can be a depressing time of year, but there are ways to feel a little sunnier.

    FOX’s Lisa Brady reports:

    Winter is a gray season. There’s less sunlight; you may be less active and maybe spent too much or ate too much over the holidays:

    (Dr. Skillings) “They either feel fat or they feel poor or they feel like they can’t catch up or get ahead, so those feelings, even if they’re a little exaggerated, never feel good.”

    Doctor Jared Skillings, chief of psychology at Spectrum Health says exercise can help:

    (Dr. Skillings) “Endorphin’s are for real. There’s a lot of people who, when they’ve exercised in the past they recognize that even if it’s a short time they just feel better afterwards.”

    He also recommends healthier eating, but for that and the exercise says don’t stress over it:

    (Dr. Skillings) “I’ve already screwed it up so bad or I made one mistake today so I might as well scrap the whole day or forget it I’ve already blown my New Year’s resolution, that stuff’s never true.”

    You can lift your spirits with a happy movie, or clips of your favorite comedian online. Treat yourself to something you really like to do or volunteer:

    (Dr. Skillings) “Find some ways to try to help people who are down and out who need some help.”

    Giving back can help you move forward.

    With FOX on Family, I’m Lisa Brady.

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    Dr. Skillings is chief of psychology at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He says anyone who is starting to feel depressed enough to stay away from other people, feels completely hopeless or is considering harming themselves should seek professional help.