Hear what one Virginia politician is doing as he runs for office.

FOX's Eben Brown has your "Bullet Points":

I'm Eben Brown.

If you're a politician, you're not allowed to buy votes, but apparently you're allowed to give voters guns! Corey Stewart is hoping to get the Republican nomination for governor in the commonwealth of Virginia and he's giving away an AR-15:

(Stewart) "It's one of the more popular rifles sold in the United States. I also do want to bring attention to the need for constitutional carry in Virginia. We should have it."

Stewart supports a move in Virginia to allow concealed carry with no license. Open carry in Virginia with no permit is allowed but that's for handguns, not long guns.

Smith and Wesson will soon no longer be Smith and Wesson. The company's stockholders have voted to change the name of the parent company to American Outdoor brands corporation. But that's just the holding company. It'll say Smith and Wesson on the guns.

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