A Florida man is facing charges for being a fake dentist.

FOX's Pat O'Neill has more:

It's bad enough hearing this sound... But what if the person manning the drill isn't a real dentist?

Police say 53-year-old Robbie Rheinlander extracted 10 teeth without anesthetic and made dentures during house calls to help people save money.

The problem says the Bradenton Herald is that he didn't have a license. He claimed he was a dentist in South Carolina before moving to Florida.

A couple told police in September the man had pulled one of the woman's teeth leaving a fragment that caused medical issues. And police investigated.

Rheinlander was picked up by an under-cover detective who went to see him under the pretense of having some dental work done.

Pat O'Neill, FOX News.

(Manatee County Sheriff's Office)

Florida officials say that over the past year, more than a dozen cease-and-desist orders were issued for unlicensed practice of dentistry.