FOX's Laura Ingle talks to Skid Row front man Sebastian Bach about his new book "18 And Life on Skid Row" in this "Bonus Track":

Sebastian Bach, the rocker known for being the front-man of the 80's hard rock outfit Skid Row, is out with a new tell all book titled "!8 And Life on Skid Row":

(Bach) "People like reminiscing about the 80's. That it was a time in the music industry when there was so much money and success."

Aside from tales of sex, drugs and rock and roll, Bach bares it all, sharing stories of his childhood, growing up in an all boys private boarding school and how he sang in the church choir: 

(Bach) "We rehearsed every Tuesday, every Thursday and then we did the church service every Sunday. If I didn't do that as a kid, I probably wouldn't have become like a singer."

He's done Broadway, several reality TV shows, plays in a Rush cover-band occasionally and appeared in seven seasons of the TV show "The Gilmore Girls":

(Bach) "One of my favorite memories shooting the show was the day that Geddy Lee came down because his daughter loves 'The Gilmore Girls'. Like Geddy Lee dude!"

I'm Laura Ingle, FOX News.

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