Concealed Carry Renewal Permits Can Now Be Done Online in Florida

In Florida, you’ll now be able renew your concealed carry permits online.

FOX’s Eben Brown has your “Bullet Points”:

I’m Eben Brown.

About quarter million Florida concealed carry permits are due to expire in 2017. So instead of making everybody report to a state or county office to renew, or hiring extra staff for the paperwork. Florida agriculture commissioner Adam Putnam says it can now be done online:

(Putnam) “Only in government is it novel to have commerce online when the rest of us are doing our holiday shopping on Amazon.”

Remember, Florida has seasonal residents, and some with Florida permits may be out of state. But for renewals, they don’t need to see you in person anymore. Your prints are on file, anyway:

(Putnam) “It’s secure, and it’s not compromising the background process that goes into determining whether someone is still eligible to have their license renewed.”

Florida has more than 1.6 million active concealed weapons licenses, the most of any state.

And those are your “Bullet Points”, I’m Eben Brown, FOX News.

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