Could using an electronic device not be as bad as originally thought?

FOX's Alex Hein with the details in "Housecall for Health": 

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Countless studies and experts tell you to put down the phone or tablet before heading to bed to help optimize your quality of sleep, but a new one says for those already struggling with insomnia issues, turning on the computer may be the only way to help fix it.

An automated program called SHUTi is an online version of cognitive behavioral therapy, which can help address the shortage of sleep clinicians trained to carry out this type of therapy.

The study focused on more than 300 people with chronic insomnia, most of whom had already tried medication or supplements.

Half the group received digital placebo, which included tips on how to deal with sleep issues, while the other half got six weeks of SHUTi, which uses sleep restriction and stimulus control.

The program helps patients dispel destructive beliefs about sleep and requires patients to log daily sessions.

A year later, 57 percent of SHUTi subjects enjoyed normal sleep.

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