A major auction taking place at Sotheby's with some iconic rock and roll memorabilia.

FOX's Laura Ingle with details on how to check them out in "Bonus Track":

Owning any piece of Rock and Roll history will certainly earn you street cred, but what if you could own the piano that John Lennon used to write a bunch of songs from The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album.

One of a kind items associated with some of the biggest rock and roll legends will be up for auction this week at Sotheby's, titled "A Rock and Roll Anthology: From Folk to Fury".

Unique and incredible items which include David Bowie's 1987 "Glass Spider Tour" stage outfit, which was considered one of the most theatrical and elaborate tours he had ever done, will also be up for auction.

And you can also bid on the handwritten manuscript for The Eagles "Hotel California". Sotheby's allowing the public to view all these items for free here in New York City until all these Rock and Roll relics are sold.

I'm Laura Ingle and that's your "Bonus Track".