Study: The Link Between Muscle & Memory in Kids

Muscle memory? FOX’s Alex Hein reports on a new study that may prove there is a link between muscles and memories:

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A recent U.S. study concerning children and their strength may lead some parents to get their kids signed up at the gym.

The study found an independent link between muscle fitness and kids’ performance on memory tests as well as their math and reading skills. The study, funded by Nike, concentrated on kids ages nine to 11-years-old. They completed an aerobic exercise test as steady speed on a treadmill with gradually increasing incline until they were too out of breath to continue.

Then they completed a similar test of muscular fitness with a battery of upper body, lower body and core exercises using body weight or a medicine ball, including lunges push ups and shoulder presses.

The kids did as many repetitions of each exercise as possible within 30 seconds. Then they completed computerized tests of working memory, Algebra, Geometry reading and writing.

Kids were more muscular fitness on the body weight and medicine ball tests also did better than others on memory and academic tests.

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