James Clapper Doesn’t Expect Russia’s Interference on U.S. Election to Impact Much

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

The nation’s top intelligence official says no one should be surprised about attempts by the Russians to influence our presidential election.

FOX’s Gurnal Scott with more:

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told an audience at the council on foreign relations that there is a history of Russian interference in elections:

(Clapper) ”Both theirs and other peoples.” 

But Clapper says he doesn’t feel it will affect the integrity of the process because of the decentralized nature of it:

(Clapper) ”Run by states and local jurisdictions that make it very hard, I think, to affect the outcome.”

Intelligence has tied email hacks to high levels of Russian government. As for a response, Clapper says that’s a policy matter, not an intelligence matter.

Gurnal Scott, FOX News.

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