Take a Paws: U.S. Hunters Won’t Be able to Bring Lions Home & CHip the Robot Dog

    (File Photo, WowWee)

    American big game hunters can’t bring home a big prize from South Africa any more. A new dog that doesn’t require a pooper scooper. And there’s a good reason to stop staring at your cat.

    FOX’s Jill Nado with the details in this “Take a Paws”:

    Big game hunters pay $20,000 or more to bag a lion on game ranches in South Africa. It happens inside fences in a practice called “canned lion hunting.” Now American hunters are out of luck if they want to bring their canned game home. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is banning the import of trophies taken from captive lions in South Africa.

    Now out is one of the most advanced commercial robot dogs ever. It’s CHip the robot dog by WowWee. Tech and gaming writer Marc Saltzman:

    (Saltzman) “You can play fetch with it, play soccer, dance with it, it plays music. It comes to you when you walk in the door.”

    Chip goes for a $190, but you can get a real dog from a shelter for whole a lot less.

    And if you want a better relationship with your cat, don’t do the stare contest. Noseprint.com says cats see that as a threat Instead, look at Fluffy and blink a lot.

    Take A Paws, Jill Nado, FOX News.

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