Creepy Clowns Investigated in Connecticut

    School officials in one Connecticut city are trying to reassure the public as police investigate clown photos posted online.

    FOX’s Lisa Brady reports: 

    Several clown photos posted with an Instagram account came with a warning to schools in New Haven, Connecticut, to watch out and wait and see if threats are fake:

    (Harries) “I want to be clear, at this time, we are considering this to be nothing more than a prank and harassment fueled by social media and upcoming Halloween.” 

    New Haven school superintendent Garth Harries says there’s no evidence of any credible threat:

    (Harries) “We have no reason to believe these incidents are organized or connected with similar incidents around the country.”

    In some other states there have been reports of clowns trying to lure children into the woods in New Haven, schools are being told to ban clown costumes and any symbols of terror during the Halloween season as the investigation continues.

    Lisa Brady, FOX News.