New research shows effective ways to get people to use birth control.

FOX's Alex Hein has more in this "Housecall for Health":

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A new study has found an effective way to get people to use birth control, is to make sure it's paid for.

According to the study, women whose insurance covered the entire cost of birth control were more likely to use prescription contraceptives and to choose more effective long-term methods than women subject to co-pays.

The Health Affairs study is one of the first to analyze if and how the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act implemented by President Obama has changed women's decisions about contraceptives.

Previous studies found that before the mandate women were sensitive to prices and if long-term methods cost significantly higher than short term, they were likely to choose the later.

The study analyzed medical and pharmacy claims for more than 27,000 adult Midwestern women of reproductive age who worked for employers that eliminated out-of-pocket spending for prescription contraception.

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