UCLA Campus Outrage: When being neutral is wrong

The social justice college campus lynch mob strikes again at UCLA. †Milan Chatterjee was a law student and president of the Graduate Student Association when he was accused of violating a policy at UCLA called “viewpoint neutrality.” †Chatterjee says his offense was remaining neutral. †That’s right, in the upside down world of alleged campus tolerance and so called social justice Chatterjee says he was accused of refusing to take sides in a politically charged matter, and a campus investigation found him guilty of violating “viewpoint neutrality.” †

In this episode of TALKENOMICS Chatterjee says the UCLA administration sacrificed him to the mob by denying him legal representation during what he calls kangaroo court proceedings. †But, a confidential report from the investigators which university staff posted on the internet concluded Chatterjee had violated the “viewpoint neutrality” policy because there was no requirement for him to remain neutral.

Chatterjee says students opposed to his neutral position slandered his reputation online, and it got so bad he had to withdraw from school and move from Los Angeles to New York to pursue his education. †In a scathing letter sent to UCLA Chancellor Gene Block, Chatterjee wrote, “I have been relentlessly attacked, bullied and harassed…”†His story is a warning for any student who dares anger the thought police.