Don’t Call them Liberals!

Liberals on college campuses demand tolerance and equality, but are they actually guilty of being intolerant and bigoted against anyone they deem different? Kim Holmes says yes. His new book The Closing of the Liberal Mind is shaking up the political scene and exposing the flaws of modern liberal progressives. Holmes writes, “There is no respect for the liberty principle as traditionally understood by classic liberals, because the postmodern impulse is not liberal at all but radically egalitarian.”

On this episode of Talkenomics, Holmes, a former US Assistant Secretary of State, explains how postmodern leftists defeated classic liberals in an attempt to radically change society and undermine free market capitalism. He says, “There are few liberal principles more enduring historically than the distrust of centralized power. Clearly the postmodern left has no such qualms.”

Anyone who values liberty will find Holmes an invaluable resource of facts in the war against liberal totalitarianism, “Liberals have got a singular problem” he says. “They are caught up in a crippling contradiction. They brandish a sword of zero tolerance in the name of tolerance and they close down debate. Progressive liberalism is at war with what it professes to believe in.” Holmes warns that today’s liberal progressives use a culture of outrage, social media furor and illiberal exclusion of dissent to silence anyone who poses a threat their agenda.