Guns in Mexico and keeping your guns away from your kids.

FOX's Hank Weinbloom with "Bullet Points":

It's the ultimate ironic tragedy, keeping a firearm at home to keep your family safe, only to have a child in the home accidentally wounded or even killed by that weapon.

It's Marko Galbraith's mission to stop that from happening:

(Galbraith) "Teaches children what to do if they find an unsecured firearm."

Galbraith and his wife Rebecca teach gun safety classes for children in Lynchburg, Virginia:

(Galbraith) "They can pick it up, they think it's a toy and not all guns are toys."

The lessons are not just for the kids...Galbraith says adults must remember to lock up their weapons:

(Galbraith) "We're trying to flip it around to parents, who are the gun owners, and say you've got to secure that gun."

If you're looking to buy a legal firearm, don't go to Mexico. While gun violence has been an ongoing problem in Mexico, there's only one place in the entire country where you can legally buy a gun.

At the Directorate of Arms and Munitions Sales in Mexico City. Security concerns have led to a spike in gun sales south of border, more than 10,000 legal sales last year.

With Bullet Points, I'm Hank Weinbloom, FOX News.