Some people are okay with the recent gun ruling at the University of Texas and others are conflicted.

FOX's Eben Brown has this week's "Bullet Points":

Starting this week in Texas, it's okay to carry concealed at college:

(Fenves) "The campus carry law takes effect at the University of Texas at Austin as it does at every other public university in the state of Texas."

University of Texas president Gregory Fenves. Not everybody on the campus in Austin is happy about it. Three professors are challenging the law in court:

(Professor) "I would say most students and most faculty did not support it."

But that might not be the case on every Texas campus. Some at Texas State in San Marcos are just fine with it:

(Woman) "I just hope that everyone handles it responsibly."

(Man) "You know, people have right to carry a gun everywhere else, especially here in Texas, if they want to I carry it here on campus, that's okay."

And while a firearm may be okay in Austin, it's not okay at Apple...

Remember that little revolver emoji on your iPhone? It'll be gone once the iOS 10 upgrade comes out. They're replacing it with a bright green water pistol.

And those are your Bullet Points, I'm Eben Brown, FOX News.

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