Officials now deciding to release the complete transcripts of phone conversations between Orlando shooter Omar Mateen and police.

FOX's Jill Nado reports:

The Justice Department and FBI drew fire from House Speaker Paul Ryan for putting out a heavily edited version of the transcript. Ryan calling it was preposterous that they had left out several references to Islam.

Ryan calling on the White House to put out the whole thing, but Obama Administration spokesman Josh Earnest says the redactions didn't come from the White House: 

(Earnest) this is a decision that was made entirely by the Department of Justice and by officials of the FBI

Now investigators have changed their minds and put out a new version that has everything on it, including Omar Mateen saying he pledges allegiance to the leader of ISIS.

The Justice Department says the transcript was originally redacted out of sensitivity to the victim's families.

In Washington, Jill Nado, FOX News.