Pending legislation in Missouri may allow for lawmakers to do away with safety training requirements for gun owners.

FOX’s Eben Brown presents “Bullet Points”:

I’m Eben Brown.

Dateline, Jefferson City, Missouri and the desk of Governor Jay Nixon. There’s a bill waiting for him, sent by the state legislature. The proposed law would do-away with safety training requirements for people who apply to be licensed for concealed-carry in the state. That would mean no safety course needed.

Opponents say it’s risky, but they’re more concerned with the law’s other provision, creating the so-called ‘stand your ground’ standard in Missouri, eliminating any duty to retreat if one finds themselves threatened.

And in Florida, the state supreme in court is now taking up a case that could possibly see the statute banning open carry overturned. It goes back to 2012, when Dale Norman, a concealed carry licensee, was arrested for walking down the sidewalk in the town of Fort Pierce with his handgun visible. He’s been fighting a misdemeanor conviction in the appeals courts ever since.

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