Ep. 11 – Dennis Prager

Millions of people follow best-selling author, columnist and nationally syndicated radio talk show host Dennis Prager. His conservative views on economics, individual rights and politics expose hypocrites and double standards that threaten the American way of life.

Conservatives often attack political correctness but Prager recently explained why those attacks fail, urging conservatives to identify the source of political correctness: the political left. He writes, “The very definition of politically correct is that which is acceptable to the left; and the definition of politically incorrect is that which is unacceptable to the left.”

Prager recently announced he would vote for Donald Trump saying, “…because I have no choice.” In this Talkenomics discussion Prager explains his decision to back Trump as well as the success of the free Prager University web page.

The successful web site attracts millions of followers. It features short videos from some of the most influential economists, scientists, celebrities and other movers and shakers. They comment on everything: religion, economics, western culture, terrorism and the other issues of the day, with the facts to back it up. Dennis Prager holds conservatives and liberals accountable for their actions and challenges their beliefs on this episode of Talkenomics.