Heads Up! Almost Half of Women Lose More Hair by Midlife

Ladies may be losing their hair faster than they think.

FOX’s Alex Hein presents “Housecall for Health”:

This is Housecall for Health.

Its normal to shed about 50 to 100 hairs per day, but according to a new study about 40 percent of American women are losing noticeably more by midlife.

Alarmingly, one expert said that most women aren’t even aware of their thinning hair until they have lost about 15 percent of their hair volume, which means it started long before they caught on.

Regardless of why it’s thinning, prevention has a few promising treatments you could test to help restore your luscious locks.

Qilib Hair Regrowth and Revitalization system for women is a twice-daily regimen that consists of a leave-in spray and a second spray containing a botanical blend.

There’s also trichotherapy hair and scalp regime for fine and thinning hair by Philip Kingsley. It’s a daily three-step program that includes a protein spra, scal drops and a dietary supplement.

You can also try an FDA-cleared high tech headband by Hairmax laser band to regrow your hair, or shake up your diet to encourage hair growth.

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