If you still have a real old ticket to Disney World, you still might be able to use it. A woman had one day left before her ticket from 22 years ago expired, and visited Mickey Mouse with that ticket.

FOX's John Saucier reports:

Chelsea Herline was just four-years-old when she was too sick during a Florida vacation to use the ticket her family bought in 1994 to go to Orlando's Disney World.

But recently, her father found that old ticket, so when she went back to Florida from California, she decided to try to use it:

"I walked up and there was a girl at the ticket counter and I approached her with a big smile and I just said, 'Hi I have a really old ticket, will you let me in?' And so she said of course!"

Well good for her, she went in and got to enjoy the rides 22 years later!

John Saucier, FOX News.

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