Angela Duckworth, author of "Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance" & winner of the 2013 McArthur Award, joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss how achieving success is a long-term endeavor and why being aware of and working on your weaknesses is more important than working on your strengths.

Angela spoke about the role parents, teachers and other adults play in creating gritty children. Angela explained that kids don't develop character entirely on their own, they need to be shown the importance of hard work and learn how to get back up after they have been knocked down. One piece of advice Angela gives to parents is to encourage them to have their children do something they find hard yet interesting because it will help them learn discipline and get feedback on what they are not doing correctly. Angela says a big key to success is knowing when it is time to quit and move onto something you are passionate about.

Plus, Brian explained how failing to become a college soccer star helped him become the successful newsman he is today.

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